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We aim to a vital improvement in the energy efficiency of ICT

Room Temperature Superconductivity by 2033 research project

Our future is increasingly dependent on digitalization. At the same time ICT’s share of the global greenhouse gas emissions is estimated to grow. This is the challenge we address with Room Temperature Superconductivity research project. And we aim to find the solution by 2033.

We intend to find a material that becomes superconducting at room temperature

By enabling the usual computers to use superconductivity, ICT would need significantly less energy.

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We use new ideas and approaches

Room temperature superconductivity has been a grand dream for decades. Now, new ideas are available to make that dream come true. We explore the recently discovered flat band superconductivity and utilize the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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We are a group of committed pioneers who want to solve a huge challenge

Our goal can only be reached by a collaborative approach with a large global consortium bringing together complementary expertise.

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Want to become a sponsor?

If you are a philanthropist or part of a foundation or a company, and wish to sponsor research that has the potential to make a huge difference, we welcome you to join our partner network.

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