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Our research project is powered by private funding

Our journey is only about to begin so we are looking for new sponsors. As there is no public funding instrument that has a global scope, we welcome private foundations, companies and philanthropists on board.

If you are interested in enhancing research that has the potential to make a huge difference on a global scale, please contact Päivi Törmä at Aalto University. Together we can find the best way for you to get involved.

Private Individuals Sponsoring SuperC 2033

Project Leader Prof. Päivi Törmä

Photo of woman with sunglasses in front of a sun set on a lake

Why I donate to SuperC

In this picture, I’m rowing a boat on the lake Osmanki in Northern Finland. My ancestors have lived by that lake for four hundred years according to written records, and probably longer. They had to struggle with famine, disease, high child-mortality and war. Yet they took into use new technologies, built better farming and housing infrastructure, promoted societal progress such as school for every child and, in general, were hard-working decent people. It is due to this spirit of believing in the good and investing in the future that our lives now are a bit better. I want to be a worthy link in such a chain. Therefore, I started the SuperC project: room temperature superconductivity would offer tremendous technological progress and help with the major struggle of our times, climate change. I have also decided to donate to SuperC one thousand Euros for every one million Euro funding that we get. In 2023, I was happy to make my first donation.

Päivi Törmä