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Nonreciprocal Josephson Linear Response

We consider the finite-frequency response of multiterminal Josephson junctions and show how nonreciprocity in them can show up at linear response, in contrast to the static Josephson diodes featuring nonlinear nonreciprocity. At finite frequencies, the response contains dynamic contributions to the Josephson admittance, featuring the effects of Andreev bound state transitions along with Berry phase effects, and reflecting the breaking of the same symmetries as in Josephson diodes. We show that outside exact Andreev resonances, the junctions feature nonreciprocal reactive response. As a result, the microwave transmission through those systems is nondissipative, and the electromagnetic scattering can approach complete nonreciprocity. Besides providing information about the nature of the weak link energy levels, the nonreciprocity can be utilized to create nondissipative and small-scale on-chip circulators whose operation requires only rather small magnetic fields.

Read article in Physical Review Letters.