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Prediction of Ambient Pressure Conventional Superconductivity above 80K in Thermodynamically Stable Hydride Compounds

The primary challenge in the field of high-temperature superconductivity in hydrides is to achieve a superconducting state at ambient pressure rather than the extreme pressures that have been required in experiments so far. Here, we propose a family of compounds, of composition Mg2XH6 with X=Rh, Ir, Pd, or Pt, that achieves this goal. These materials were identified by scrutinizing more than a million compounds using a machine-learning accelerated high-throughput workflow. They are thermodynamically stable, indicating that they are serious candidates for experimental synthesis. We predict that their superconducting transition temperatures are in the range of 45-80K, or even above 100K with appropriate electron doping of the Pt compound. These results indicate that, although very rare, high-temperature superconductivity in thermodynamically stable hydrides is achievable at room pressure.

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