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Quantum geometry in superfluidity and superconductivity

We review the theoretical description of the role of quantum geometry in superfluidity and superconductivity of multiband systems, with focus on flat bands where quantum geometry is wholly responsible for supercurrents. This review differs from previous ones in that it is based on the most recent understanding of the theory: the dependence of the self-consistent order parameter on the supercurrent is properly taken into account, and the superfluid weight in a flat band becomes proportional to the minimal quantum metric. We provide a recap of basic quantum geometric quantities and the concept of superfluid density. The geometric contribution of superconductivity is introduced via considering the two-body problem. The superfluid weight of a multiband system is derived within mean-field theory, leading to a topological bound of flat band superconductivity. The physical interpretation of the flat band supercurrent in terms of Wannier function overlaps is discussed.

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